Escape Route

I think you’re funny

I like your friends

I like the way they treat you

I’ve got some money that we could spend

not that you’re like that


☢can you save my bastard soul?☢

15 second exposure experimenting (flash is bright)


Tigers Jaw l Photo: Ally Newbold

The Story So Far | Swords and Pens | radiicvl edit

Seahaven by RuinTheWaters on Flickr.

me n my tssf wall

this iz bae

Tigers Jaw
Richmond, VA
Anonymous: Will the Zine be restocked anytime in the near future?

We’re unsure about it… we have around 60 copies left but we definitely want it to get around the Denver scene because that was one of our goals from the start. If anyone reading this lives near Denver, we’ll be handing them out after Say Anything, TFB, and YBI! on Wednesday. If you don’t live around here I’d say keep an eye out towards the end of this week. We also may do a second printing if the reception continues to be as great as it’s been. Thanks to anyone who’s ordered it, and thanks for caring enough to ask if it’ll be restocked! 

Seahaven at the Larimer Lounge